Monday, June 30, 2008

Mission accomplished


I had 3 goals today and I met them all. I wrote down all of my food choices ( good choices I beleive) and I am within my points range.
I got at least 15 minutes of walking in and I am writing on my blog. Sooooooo I consider that a big success. Now all I have to do is rinse and repeat. I can do this, I know I can...............

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Independence day

With this being 4th of July week I HAVE TO take advantage of the time to get my train back on the track. I need to declare my independence and get things back in line. I gained 1.6 lbs this week and I knew I would so there is nothing that I can be upset about except that I have not lived up to my personal commitment to get my body into shape. This is one of those benchmark moments that I have to stop the trend of going backwards and start moving forward again. My goals are simple:

Exercise 15 minutes a day this week
write down everything I eat good or bad
drink all of my water every day.
Blog everyday

Monday, June 23, 2008


Oh where, Oh were have you gone....... I have been talking a good game but I just can not seem to get motivated. I am not really falling off the wagon ( although I bet if I was writing stuff down I would be over my points). I lost .8 pounds this week and I just feel like I am stuck in a rut. My weight loss amount is without a doubt due to my selections etc. I am just kind of going through the motions and I am having trouble figuring out how to break out. I definitely do not want to go backwards........... searching for answers?????????

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today was a great day. regardless of whether I gain or lose this week I won. I played golf with my Dad today as a belated fathers day , early birthday gift to him. I was the one who received the gift. I never thought I would get to play with him again. He suffers from COPD and it has really gotten bad in the last six months.

Stepping onto the first tee today we did not even know if he could play. It was the most enjoyable round of golf of my life, and I did not play that well!!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

My biggest gain yet!!

1.6 lbs I gained last Friday.. I knew I had not done well. I had not only a bad week with food selection ( we have already talked about that) but I ended up being a bit under the weather which made my body act a little different. I am good with it though. I almost think I needed it to get the train moving in the right direction with all the wheels on the track. I had a great couple of days and am re energized and moving forward.

Got my blood work back from the doc. All is great expect my triglycerides are a high. about 207. Should be 150 or less. Only advice was to keep doing what I am doing and it will all work out. So, there I have it. Once again dodging the bullet. I am a picture of health except for my weight. Can I get it off before I do any long term damage? God is giving me another chance here (same doc told me to get rid of the weight, quit smoking and get a cpap machine 3 years ago. I did two of the three, now the weight is going to come off)........... No more gambling... I am all in

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Journey interupted?

Some 90 odd days ago I set out to change my life style and lose a lot of weight. This week I have been way off track. Again, not through binge eating, but making bad choices. I am not sure if I have gained weight. Not really as concerned about that as I was 90 days ago. What I do not is that I feel bad. Not mentally per se, but physically my gut just hurts. My system is staging a revolution to the pollution I am putting into my body.... I thought I would share why I believe I got off track and how I will look at the positives to motivate me to get back in the saddle...

First , I think my stray was due to boredom. Not boredom with the program because you can eat anything. I went through two weeks here recently where I was constantly busy. 24/7 with work and projects around the house so we could get ready for my daughters grad party. during that time we tried to find simple, fast solutions to eating. We did but they became boring to me and when we did have the chance to relax a bit no one wanted to cook so we took the easy way out with pizza, Chinese,etc. I could have made better choices at those times even with eating pizza and Chinese I just chose to be lazy. I also did not write a thing down basically since last Saturday. What I have learned is that while not tough, it does take some planning to eat healthy. While I am the one that is ultimately responsible for my actions it amazes me how much society enables us to be unhealthy.

My goal in this some odd 90 days was to lose 30 pounds, about 10 pounds a month. I am about 8 pound short of that goal. I have been warned that setting goals having to do with time frames and scales is a bad idea ( on a side note I have always found great support in the WW forums, especially on Guys on a Diet. Recently it has been more ridicule that support and needless to say I am a bit disappointed - does not include the readers of this blog that comment and also participate on WW boards) While I understand the advice of not setting time goals so you do not lose motivation I find that I need to set these goals to learn, push and stretch myself. Just like in my career I set lofty goals. I may fall a bit short sometimes but that does not bother me. You know what they say about small goals....

In this 90 days I am more comfortable in my clothes. I do not have heart burn ( except for this week). I do not feel bloated ( except for this week). I drink tons of water now instead of tons of pop. I eat more veggies. I think about what I am eating, even it is bad. and I am closer to my goal than I was 90 days ago. So as I get back on the horse I am not riding off into the sunset but getting ready to ride the range again. With all the peaks and valleys that go with it the ride and view is pretty good.........

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

She's breaking up, She's Breaking up!!!!

Remember at the beginning of the six million dollar man. When he starts to crash and tells them the ship is breaking up.. that is what I feel like right now. I am way off course. I have not written anything down since Saturday, I have eaten crap, no big binge eating just crap. I feel like crap because of it. I need to get back on track. Now that the house work is done and the party is over I have to get back on track. I will write more tomorrow during the day instead of waiting till the dark of night when I am so tired.........

Saturday, June 7, 2008

the .4 pound guy

That is what people call me. It seems that is a magic number for me. I lost .4 pounds this week and I have to say that I found it funny. I have had that .4 pounds thing like 5 times. Up or down in the last 15 weeks. At least I am at the point where I am not focusing on the scale as much. As much exercise as I am getting by all the house and yard projects I know I have to be headed in the right direction. I feel good and that is what matters.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another long night at party central

Still getting ready for the big graduation party. Who knew that getting ready for 80 people could be so much work. Good news is the forcast is for no rain. Bad news is it going to be 95 degrees....

I have the typical weigh in eve jitters. I hope the downward trend continues.........

I will let you know

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What came first?

The chicken or the egg is the old standby. My question is being a couch potato or over eating come first? I really do not remember. I know that being as active as I have been in the last few weeks, in the evening, I have not had time to eat. So what did I do first? I do not know. Understand that I am not necessarily talking about exercise. I am talking activity. Projects around the house. Playing with the kids. You know the normal stuff. ..... Things are going well this week again and a few days away from weigh in . I have a lot to talk about but not enough time. expect some long posts here soon.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Its been a great day

Can not say much more than that.. It is late. It has been a full day and I was successful in eating for a better life style......

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Has it really been since Tuesday?

I just noticed that I have not posted since Tuesday. Way off of my posting goal of every day. No I did not give up and go on a binge nor did I fall into a hole. I have just been really busy. The good news is that my daughter graduated from High School this weekend and with the all the activities I just have not had time to post. Most of the activities have been getting the house and yard in order in time for the big party next Sunday. With not having time to post, I have not had time to eat much either. My wife was really smart. She new that our schedules would be hectic and that is when we get off track. So, she picked up healthy, fast items that we could eat on the go instead of Mcdonalds. Yeah, I know some processed foods, blah, blah , blah. But with some fruit and water thrown in it beats the alternative of junk food. A few extra lean pockets are not going to kill anyone, especially me........ Only one more major house project to get done and that is painting a stair well. No big deal. The big deal has been the activity points. I forgot how good it feels to sweat. Also, makes me less hungry to be more active....... looking for a good week.. I can feel the 340s going bye, bye. I lost 2. 8 pounds this week so hopefully I am over my hump. Thanks for all the encouragement. A total of 21. 6 now and off we go. Took me 6 weeks to lose 5 pounds. But I lost them.........

PS Went to the Doctor on Thursday for a physical... He was very happy with my using my cpap and quiting smoking ( have not seen him in almost three years!!) and knows that I am doing the right thing. Just keep it up. He is convinced it will change my whole life.. The good news is that I am convinced too.