Sunday, August 3, 2008

Looking for answers

In this struggle of weight loss I was doing some research to , quite honestly, confirm what I already new. THIS IS HARD...... I have at least 30 years, if not a full 40 of eating habits to change. Ok so probably more like 20 but still a lifetime of weight challenges. The one thing that keeps coming up is something I already know. Eat less, move more. I have the eat less part going pretty good but the move more is what is keeping from long term success. Now I just need to figure out how I make this change in my life. I have written about this several times already in the past 100 posts but still do not have a personal answer. So What is your solution? I include this page I found on line that I thought made a pretty good amount of sense.


Matt Keeling said...

You are absolutely right. Move more is the hardest and most easily forgotten portion of the journey. For me I see direct results when I hit the elliptical several times a week. It is those results that motivate me.

The other thing I do is to set a difficult but attainable mini-goal. WW does not like the idea of putting dates on things, but that is how I operate. I would say to choose a 10 lb amount and give yourself a month. Just 4 weeks that you really need to concentrate and get moving. I also use these goals as motivation.

If you need more inspiration you might look back at your first post and remind yourself why you decided to do this. Even after losing 85lb I am still at great risk for all the diseases and ailments that we are trying to avoid.

You can do this! Now get after it.

new*me said...

The only thing I can say is just stick with it. Mizfit talked about it on her site today...consistency. Just do it day in and day out. Eat healthy, move, until it becomes a pattern that your body knows and is comfortable with. That could take months or years. Just don't give up. Remember how far you have come and the place you were before. Try to have fun along the way!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Not easy, for sure. Or we'd all look like rockstars!

Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

I just posted about what works for me -- for me, moving makes the food part easy, so I focus on moving. The key -- I don't do anything I don't like. Aerobics videos? No way. Swimming, walking, biking? Bring it on ;-) I also discovered about myself that "an hour of exercise" isn't motivating, but doing a 15 minute mile walk or swimming 2.5 miles within a certain time period (for me, this weekend) -- that kind of challenge is fun and exciting. So I have to figure out what floats my boat and do it! :-)